For BUSY WOMEN and COUPLES Ready to Feel More... Love More... and Enjoy More... 

I Empower You to Create a Fulfilling and Satisfying Relationship That Will Last a Lifetime.

Hi! I'm Amy Rowan, the Suburban Sexologist

Busy women and moms, I see you.

I AM you. Taxi driver, scheduler, cook, emotional support, teacher, shopper, manager of ALL THE THINGS.

Then, add in trying to be a good partner, a good friend, a good daughter, a good sister, stay healthy and fit, drink enough water…oh yeah and don’t forget doing something for yourself.

as if we have time for that!

And just as you're finally settling down for some well-deserved rest, your partner reaches over for a little lovin’ and all you can think is...

.....not tonight, no way.

  • Are you feeling guilty for falling asleep with your back to your partner….again?

  • Do you pull away when your partner touches you outside the bedroom, because you aren’t sure if they want something more?

  • Are you tired of “taking one for the team"

    week after week?

You want to reclaim that spark, or perhaps you just WANT to want to. But amidst the chaos of everyday life, sex has plummeted to the bottom of your endless to-do list.

Believe me, I've been there. With three kids and a marriage spanning two decades, I've navigated the same challenges—and yet,

I've maintained an incredible sex life.

I'm going to show you how to UNLOCK and ENHANCE both your sexual desire and pleasure -

boosting your intimacy, connection, and happiness in your relationship.

But before I do, let me go ahead and finish introducing myself…

My name is Amy Rowan

I’m a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sexual Health Educator and graduate from Sex Coach University.


Wonderful experience working with Amy! She's kind, knowledgeable and a great professional.


Working with Amy was fun and enlightening. The best part for me was learning a whole new vocabulary and framing communication in a constructive way. Thanks Amy.


Amy Rowan is the full package! She is professional, knowledgeable, makes great observations and is skilled with asking all the right questions. She has great intuition and draws on her education and experience to round out her work as a coach.


Amy is so easy to talk to...and she gives great advice. I felt like I was talking to a friend


Working 1:1 with Amy is great! She challenges you to explore and stretch yourself. Together you come up with a plan.
A true collaboration! She is thorough in providing Recaps of all sessions and setting goals to work on before the next appointment. I have full trust and confidence in Amy and her abilities. I always look forward to talking and learning from her and with her - a partnership! Amy is genuine, she recognizes and celebrates the victories (big or small) with you.

I specialize in.....

Unlocking Pleasure & Passion

Finding Your Fire Again

Resolving Desire Mismatches

Expanding Erotic Ecstasy

Intimacy Product Advice

Are you finally ready to...

  • Resolve sexual issues and conflicts that are holding you back from experiencing deep intimacy.

  • Experience more pleasure so you can have MORE fun and LESS stress in your relationship. 

  • Rekindle the spark so you can enjoy more passion, pleasure, and satisfaction, without shame, guilt, or fear of rejection.

  • Break free from the patterns that keep you stuck in a rut of boredom, frustration, and resentment.

  • Explore new possibilities and discover what TRULY turns you on. 

Sex hasn’t always been easy for me either....

Life threw its curveballs, including a double mastectomy at 38, leaving me grappling with uncertainty about my body and intimacy.

But, with conscious effort, vulnerability and a lot of work, I can happily say that we weathered that experience and our relationship and sex life are light years better than before.

I've been in the trenches and come out stronger, happier, with a rock solid relationship to prove it. How?

That's why I do what I do.

Do you want to experience a more fulfilling sex life, but don't know how?

You need a knowledgeable guide who can give you the map. I support women and couples in overcoming in common concerns such as low or mismatched desire levels, little to no sex in the relationship, difficulty (or never) experiencing orgasm, painful intercourse, vaginismus, sexual inhibition, lack of bedroom confidence, poor body image, aversion to touch, and communication conflicts.


A big thank you to you, Amy, for your recommendations and your lives!!! Showing us how things work takes all the guesswork out of experiencing pleasure!


Amy is so easy to talk to...and she gives great advice. I felt like I was talking to a friend


Amy is the best! She truly has a passion for women’s health and for helping her clients. So fun and easy to work with and she will answer any questions you have.


I have been a client of Amy's for years now. she is the best, always doing everything she can to make sure we are happy and orgasmic

I empower your journey of sexual self-awareness so you can consciously

create satisfying sexual experiences


Will this work for me?

Coaching is a collaborative process. I commit that I will give you 110% and carefully blend my education, resources and intuition to help you experience the sex life you want. In return, I ask that you commit to the process and detach from the outcome. When you do the work, you will see the results!

What is the minimum number of sessions?

For most sexual concerns, we begin with 6 sessions. This does not include the first session. Typical issues, such as low libido or orgasm problems take at least 12 sessions to have tangible and long last effects. At the first consultation, I give you an estimate and recommendation of a package.

Do I need to pay upfront?

You pay for your first session at booking, and then I'll recommend a coaching package. You receive a discount off my coaching packages when you pay in full. (Ask me about Paypal Pay It Later.) I also offer flexible payment plans. I am happy to design a payment plan that works for you!

Do you accept insurance?

Currently, insurance companies do not cover sex coaching. I offer flexible payment plans to make working with me as accessible as possible.

Are there other ways to work with you?

If 1:1 coaching is out of your budget, check out my Intimacy Ignite program. When you join, you'll receive access to education, activities and live group coaching with me, twice a month, for less than the cost of a date night!

Does my partner need to participate?

The answer depends. It is VERY common to have one partner who is reluctant to participate. Often, I will start coaching one member of the couple and we determine when to invite the partner. I pride myself in creating a comfortable space that allows even the most reticent of people to feel safe in sharing such an intimate part of their lives. Even if you aren't sure if your partner will join, I invite you to book a Discovery Session.

What if I have to reschedule?

I have a written cancellation and rescheduling policy. Each package has an expiration date. Within that time, you can reschedule (subject to availability) your sessions if you inform me at least 24 hours before our session.

Do you offer in person sessions?

I prefer online sessions because I have found most clients are the most comfortable in familiar surroundings. Try my free online consultation and we can discuss any concerns you have with online coaching.

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